• Top 5 Worship Songs On My Playlist
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    Top 5 Worship Songs On My Playlist

    Isn’t it so great that God made music and gave us the gift of song? Thanks to Spotify Premium, George goes wild making the best Christian playlists for us to enjoy. Today I’m sharing with you the top 5 worship songs on my playlist. Jam-packed with beautiful melodies, mind-boggling theology and heart-felt words, these songs can speak for themselves. I love that they all scream gospel – the lyrics are so devotional and cause me to reflect on my depravity, my need for a Saviour, the freedom that comes from knowing Christ and the great hope that is ours. You’d think that a stay-at-home mom would be able to carve out…

  • Faithfulness In Husbandry And Fatherhood
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    Faithfulness In Husbandry And Fatherhood

    The wedding day; the birthday; they go by so fast. Little could I grasp the magnitude of the vocation that I entered into on those days. God was calling to me on those days to embrace greater selflessness, greater responsibility, and greater obedience. Overall, a faithfulness in husbandry and fatherhood. When I vowed “I do” to my wife or when I held my newly born daughter for the first time in my hands, I embarked on a labor of love that would not end until my last breath. I’ve been in it for three years. I got married to my lovely wife, Eunice, in 2015, and our daughter, Rosemary, was…

  • Righteous in Christ
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    Righteous in Christ – My Spiritual Breakthrough

    I am righteous in Christ. This is a truth I do not hesitate to affirm. I stand in a lineage of Christians who believed the same, even to the point of death. But did I really know what that statement meant experientially? Did I interpret my life according to this affirmation? The Lord has in recent weeks challenged me with these questions and graciously provided the correct answer from his word. Let me explain: My Past Problem I’ve always had great difficulty grasping God’s grace. I knew that God made me righteous through his unearned love, but I always felt in some way in my heart that his love for…

  • Relationship Advice from Colossians 3:18-25
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    Relationship Advice from Colossians 3:18-25

    Let’s draw some relationship advice from Colossians 3:18-25. Human relationships are some of the most difficult aspects of daily life we face. No matter who you are, you are connected to a vast web of people, such as parents, spouses, in-laws, children, employers, friends, and relatives that you interact with regularly. Moreover, no matter who you are, you are also marred by the effects of the fall, and these effects are inevitably revealed in your interactions with other people.  This passage draws three key truths that you need to know, in order to build godly relationships with the people around you. I learned these truths through a wonderful sermon my pastor,…