• Date Ideas in Toronto

    Our Favorite Date Ideas in Toronto

    WARNING: Amazing date ideas in Toronto you’re not allowed to steal. I love to take Eunice out on regular adventures. Though we don’t have pre-planned “date nights”, we definitely have date routines. Here are some of the most amazing date ideas in Toronto that we have tried and tested. We hope they inspire you to do your own exploration!

  • Relationship Advice from Colossians 3:18-25
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    Relationship Advice from Colossians 3:18-25

    Let’s draw some relationship advice from Colossians 3:18-25. Human relationships are some of the most difficult aspects of daily life we face. No matter who you are, you are connected to a vast web of people, such as parents, spouses, in-laws, children, employers, friends, and relatives that you interact with regularly. Moreover, no matter who you are, you are also marred by the effects of the fall, and these effects are inevitably revealed in your interactions with other people.  This passage draws three key truths that you need to know, in order to build godly relationships with the people around you. I learned these truths through a wonderful sermon my pastor,…

  • Tips for Family Worship
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    Tips For Family Worship

    “I am implementing this STAT” is one of the responses I’ve gotten since posting last week’s article on family worship. Since that time, I’ve been so thrilled that my article made such an impact, even in the life of one person, that I had to write this follow-up list of tips for family worship. I wholeheartedly desire that you start leading, or asking your husband to lead, this family spiritual discipline. You won’t regret it and your future children will thank you. So here are some crucial tips you need to know to establish this practice in your family life and teach your family the Bible. Start simple. Start with…

  • family worship
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    Family Worship

    I want to introduce you to a practice that has changed my life and my family’s life. This spiritual discipline has changed our lives because it has helped us read more Bible, thereby understanding and living out more Bible. It has also helped us to love God and people more. It’s called family worship (or family devotions); let me tell you about more about it. What is Family Worship? The idea of family worship was first introduced to me by Joel Beeke’s sermons on the subject. It is a family spiritual discipline where God is worshiped daily in the home setting through song, Bible reading, and prayer. Why I do…