• 3 Lessons My Pet Bunnies Taught Me About Parenting

    3 Lessons My Pet Bunnies Taught Me About Parenting

    My pet bunnies have taught me about parenting. It’s odd but true. As you might already know, Eunice and I have two rabbits named Marbles and Scrabble that we adopted from the Toronto Humane Society in 2012. Now I’ve never owned a pet before in my life since getting my bunnies, so the experience has been a challenging one. I say challenging because it was a commitment to care for them, feed them, clean their cage, and let them play around the house. I did not share the same affection for cute furry things like Eunice, nor the desire to care for their well being. Call me cold-hearted; call me…

  • Faithfulness In Husbandry And Fatherhood
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    Faithfulness In Husbandry And Fatherhood

    The wedding day; the birthday; they go by so fast. Little could I grasp the magnitude of the vocation that I entered into on those days. God was calling to me on those days to embrace greater selflessness, greater responsibility, and greater obedience. Overall, a faithfulness in husbandry and fatherhood. When I vowed “I do” to my wife or when I held my newly born daughter for the first time in my hands, I embarked on a labor of love that would not end until my last breath. I’ve been in it for three years. I got married to my lovely wife, Eunice, in 2015, and our daughter, Rosemary, was…

  • Righteous in Christ
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    Righteous in Christ – My Spiritual Breakthrough

    I am righteous in Christ. This is a truth I do not hesitate to affirm. I stand in a lineage of Christians who believed the same, even to the point of death. But did I really know what that statement meant experientially? Did I interpret my life according to this affirmation? The Lord has in recent weeks challenged me with these questions and graciously provided the correct answer from his word. Let me explain: My Past Problem I’ve always had great difficulty grasping God’s grace. I knew that God made me righteous through his unearned love, but I always felt in some way in my heart that his love for…

  • Date Ideas in Toronto

    Our Favorite Date Ideas in Toronto

    WARNING: Amazing date ideas in Toronto you’re not allowed to steal. I love to take Eunice out on regular adventures. Though we don’t have pre-planned “date nights”, we definitely have date routines. Here are some of the most amazing date ideas in Toronto that we have tried and tested. We hope they inspire you to do your own exploration!