• How to Thrive in a Long Distance Relationship

    How to Thrive in a Long Distance Relationship

    Whether you and your partner are going to different schools, travelling on business, or your spouse is away on active duty, distance apart will test your relationship. This time that you are separated may seem long and lonesome, but it can be a time where your relationship thrives and flourishes. Eunice and I dated long distance for two years before we tied the knot. It was an empowering experience that strengthened our bond together and it can for you too. Here’s how to thrive in a long distance relationship. Discuss expectations Assumed expectations are a point of tension in long distance relationships (LDR’s). If they are not communicated, they will…

  • 10 Small but Powerful Ways to Say 'I Love You'

    10 Small but Powerful Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

    Showing your love for your special someone doesn’t have to be grand or extravagant. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we want to remind you of some simple actions you can take to show your lover that they mean the world to you. Here’s our 10 small but powerful ways to say ‘I Love You’ to your spouse. Use these tiny tips to foster a vibrant and exciting relationship in the midst of everyday life.

  • How To Be More Intentional In Your Marriage

    THIS Is How To Be More Intentional In Your Marriage

    When it comes to being in a relationship, you will always need to find your own rhythm. What works for you and what makes your marriage successful is very likely to be something completely different compared to the couple living next door, or your parents, or your best friends. Relationships are so personal. And what works for you and what’s ‘normal’ for you isn’t going to be something that others necessarily recognize as being normal too. And that’s okay. So long as you are both fulfilled, in love, and heading in the same direction in your relationship, then you are probably on the right track. The problem is getting there…

  • Looking Back on 2018

    Looking Back on 2018

    Looking back on 2018, Eunice and I have walked through an exciting year of our lives together. As we reflect on 2018 in this last month, we survived many new challenges and grew our faith in God. Here’s some highlights we want to share with you: We Started a Blog 2018 started with an exciting family project: a family blog. Eunice and I felt that we were both passionate about documenting our marriage, parenting, and faith adventures for others to benefit from. On top of that Eunice started her Instagram account after taking some surprisingly beautiful pictures (mostly of Rosie) with her phone. It’s been quite exciting! We have to…