• Love languages will change your marriage

    Love Languages Will Change Your Marriage

    Love languages will change your marriage. That’s what we discovered when we intentionally applied the concept in our marriage. It’s no secret that George and I are opposite in so many ways (but that can be a good thing!). In the same way, we express our love in different ways and we feel loved with different actions.

  • Helping Your Little One Transition From Baby to Toddler

    Helping Your Little One Transition From Baby to Toddler

    As parents, part of us wants to keep our babies small forever. I’m sure feeling this way since Rosie is turning one year old in less than a month. As exciting as it is watching them grow and develop into little people, we yearn for that newborn smell, the feel of them in our arms and how much they need us. However time doesn’t stand still, and in no time at all our tiny babies are up and about, walking, talking and amazing us with the things that they do. Here’s how you can keep up in helping your little one transition from baby to toddler.

  • Date Ideas in Toronto

    Our Favorite Date Ideas in Toronto

    WARNING: Amazing date ideas in Toronto you’re not allowed to steal. I love to take Eunice out on regular adventures. Though we don’t have pre-planned “date nights”, we definitely have date routines. Here are some of the most amazing date ideas in Toronto that we have tried and tested. We hope they inspire you to do your own exploration!

  • Postpartum Life

    Postpartum Life: 5 Things I Did Not Expect

    Postpartum life is different. After you get your body back to yourself, you expect some generic symptoms like feeling fatigued. I want to share with you a couple of UN-expected aspects of postpartum life that I experienced. Take a read! Expect to lose all your hair My postpartum hair loss drove me (and my hubby) crazy. I’d always been guilty of shedding a trail of long black hair wherever I went. That’s why I loved my lush and voluminous pregnancy hair. Unfortunately this perk was short-lived because postpartum, I quickly lost everything that I was supposed to shed in the last 7 months. I’d lose handfuls as I ran my…