• Top 9 Toys and Activities For 9 Month Old Babies

    Top 9 Toys and Activities For 9 Month Old Babies

    Nine month old Rosie tried hot sauce at dim sum, fell off the bed for the first time and says “baba” all day long. She weighs 15lb, can (finally) roll proficiently, crawls backwards and loves to bounce. Rosie has since outgrown most of her 0-3 month old toys and has a new array of treasures. Today I’m sharing the top 9 toys and activities for 9 month old babies that I’ve discovered!

  • 5 Ways To Sustain Intimacy In Your Marriage

    5 Ways To Sustain Intimacy In Your Marriage

    Today is our 3 year anniversary so we’re sharing about 5 ways to sustain intimacy in your marriage. This year was a joyful one and we are still quite in love with each other (by God’s grace). The highlight of our year was unanimously our Dominican trip. The lowlight as new parents: scrambling to cook dinner night after night (the whole ordeal – shopping, prepping cooking, cleaning; you already know). Overall, parenthood has leveled-up our relationship because we are discovering a new (and attractive) side of each other in our new roles. We were tested big-time with the baby in the mix. She took all our energy and attention! What we…

  • Hand Foot and Mouth

    My Baby’s Hand Foot and Mouth Nightmare

    Rosie got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease when she was 11 months old.  My poor baby spent the next few days in agony and we were in major distress seeing her that way. It was probably the worst parenting experience we’ve had so far. This is our experience with the nightmare that is Hand Food and Mouth Disease.  Let me walk you through her symptoms. Fever Rosie’s first Hand Foot and Mouth symptom was a spontaneous high fever. I (half) noticed Rosie’s fever when I woke up in the middle of the night to check up on her. She felt REALLY warm but since I was half asleep, I just…

  • celebrating Rosie’s one year old birthday

    Celebrating Rosie’s One Year Old Birthday

    We are merry and our hearts are full from celebrating Rosie’s one year old birthday. We’re soaring on nostalgia and thankful hearts as we reminisce and see how far she (and we) has come. Last week we wrote a letter expressing these emotions to her. If you know me, you know that I love to draw out a celebration for as long as I could rather than have one extravagant one. So here are a few highlights of her birthday week!

  • A Letter to Our Daughter on Her First Birthday

    A Letter to Our Daughter on Her First Birthday

    This is a letter to our daughter on her first birthday: To our sweet Rosemary, One year ago today, you swept us up in a whirlwind of adventure as you entered the world in a most dramatic and unexpected way. You sure made a statement when you decided 32 weeks was a good time to pop out. This seems to be a pretty consistent theme in your life so far – to do everything early. After the initial shock of birth wore out, it was easy for mommy and daddy to fall in love with you. Even in the NICU, we could tell that you were an expressive gal. Your…